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    Catherine Shubert - Stylist

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    Since I can remember I have always loved fashion. It’s that special feeling I get from a style secret, a new trend or just the pleasure of seeing someone dressed really well. Fashion and style is like a language. The language of the men and women that just know how to put an outfit together. The undeniable confidence that only looking and feeling great can provide! Style is such a powerful thing. The right style has the power to transform the way someone feels about themselves, and the way others see you.

    Traveling to Europe had a profound affect on my own personal style. My time in Paris, Italy, coupled with my time as a model has evolved my sense of style, while only increasing my overall passion for fashion.

    The journey from model to a wife and mother I am mindful of the need for comfort. Balancing my passion for style helps me wear what gives me pleasure, allowing me to feel beautiful.

    Its these foundations and experiences that called me to become a stylist. I love to help women feel beautiful. So, no matter where you live, no matter what you do or what your budget is, you can have great style. My promise is, come along the style journey with me. Together, we will find the style that works for you.

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